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METALLICA Release "Enter Sandman" HQ Performance Video From Lyon, France

19 май 2020 : 
Watch METALLICA's Entire August 1983 Chicago Concert
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|||| 17 май 2014


* *
METALLICA frontman James Hetfield played a four-song acoustic set last night (Thursday, May 15) at the first annual "Acoustic-4-A-Cure" concert at the Fillmore in San Francisco, California. The event benefitted the Pediatric Cancer Program at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital, and featured solo sets, duets and jam sessions.

In addition to playing two METALLICA songs on acoustic — "Nothing Else Matters" and "Until It Sleeps" — Hetfield joined forces with two of the evening's other performers, GREEN DAY frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and CHICKENFOOT's Joe Satriani, for a medley of BOB SEGER's "Turn The Page" and the GREEN DAY track "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams". James and Billie Joe traded verses — going back and forth between the two songs — while Satriani accompanied them on guitar. James also delivered an acoustic rendition of THE BEATLES' "In My Life" which he had previously performed with his METALLICA bandmates at this past Monday's (May 12) MusiCares MAP Fund benefit in Los Angeles.

Hetfield's setlist was as follows:

01. Nothing Else Matters (METALLICA)02. In My Life (THE BEATLES cover)03. Until It Sleeps (METALLICA)04. Turn The Page (BOB SEGER cover) / "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" (GREEN DAY cover; feat. Joe Satriani and Billie Joe Armstrong)

Fan-filmed video footage can be seen below.

The show was Hagar's idea and was administered through his Hagar Family Foundation. The legendary rocker said in a statement that, "I've seen first-hand the great work they're doing and how vital community support is. I ran the idea of a benefit concert by James, and we quickly had an amazing lineup of artists on board...and now we've got an epic event — the first of many, hopefully — so we can keep their research and programs funded and on the path to a cure."




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17 май 2014, 03:43
фуууууууууу нимитал, сдулись, а где гитарныезапилы™


17 май 2014, 09:32
Еще спят. Выходной ведь)))))

Martin Eden

17 май 2014, 11:35
Будто Металлику ругают только за то, что она "нимитал".


17 май 2014, 14:46
лучше без гитарных запилов, чем с запилами от Хэммета


17 май 2014, 17:48
Такие все добрые. А Билли Джо молодец, годно выступил.


18 май 2014, 00:57
Класс, органично так всё. И Билли и Джеймс молодцы.


18 май 2014, 13:08


18 май 2014, 23:48
Это лучшее, что делал Джеймс с 2003 года! Может они наконец-то вернут мою любимую Until It Sleeps в свои выступления!?


19 май 2014, 01:33
Просто блеск!!!

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